2012 Dark Horse SDCC Panel : “Dark Horse – Powered By Creators”

30 Jul

There’s a great new article on the 2012 Dark Horse SDCC Panel : “Dark Horse – Powered By Creators”

Nicole Sixx of Three If By Space has some terrific coverage of the “Dark Horse Powered By Creators Panel” that Tony Puryear and Erika Alexander of Concrete Park were part of.  She notes how the huge number of creators on the panel and their diversity made a clear, if unspoken statement: that Dark Horse is the place “where (creator-owned) content could thrive in our industry”. She retells the now-famous story from Tony and Erika wherein they pitched a sci-fi project to a studio head, only to be told “black people don’t like science fiction”.

Sixx also relates the funny story of Dark Horse Publisher Mike Richardson wooing now-Dark Horse creator and panelist  Sanford GreeneIn order to “court” the already well known GreeneRichardson took him out to a nice fancy “steak dinner” and laid some psychology on him. First Richardson asked him “who drew Spider-Man?” Obviously Sanford had to think as this gets passed around a bit. Next Mike asked him “who drew Batman?” Again, Greene had to think on it for a spell before answering. So finally Mike asks him “who drew Hellboy?” and Greene saw exactly where he was going with this. Well played Mr. Richardson, well played, and of course 100% correct.

The article is fun reading.

Photo of Tony Puryear and Erika Alexander at the 2012 SDCC panel “Dark Horse – Powered By Creators” by Nicole Sixx


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