Concrete Park Strikes Back in Dark Horse Presents #15!

22 Aug

Concrete Park tears it up in the pages of Dark Horse Presents #15!

Monkfish hits the streets. With his luck, the streets will hit back.

LA Aug. 22, 2012. Issue 15 of Dark Horse Presents hit stands today with the fifth installment of Concrete Park to run in the 2012 Eisner Award-winning anthology.

The gritty, urban sci-fi series is written and drawn by Tony Puryear. It tells a sweeping story of young exiles from a near-future Earth who are exiled to a distant, desert planet.

Singling out this latest episode in the critically-acclaimed series, Comic Bastards wrote: “Tony Puryear’s Concrete Park continues to impress, featuring an extraordinary cast of characters presented through Puryear’s slick, flowing inkwork and fast paced storytelling. My only complaint would be that this particular installment ended too soon!.”

Dark Horse Presents is in stores now and is also available online here.


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